Volume 11 ; Issue 1 ; in Month : (2020) Article No : 108
Islam M, Dharwal M, and Verma NK

The objective of the study is to formulate and optimize Furosemide based controlled release system for increasing the bioavailability by influencing the residence time in the stomach while remaining detached from the mucosa. This was achieved by successful preparation of floating granules by exploiting melt granulation technique. The formulations F1 to F6 were developed and evaluated for dependent variable (in vitro floating ability) and formulations F4 to F6 were selected as preliminary optimized formulations. The preliminary optimized formulation F4 to F6 were evaluated for micromeritic properties, drug content and percentage yield, in-vitro drug release, percentage in-vitro floating ability. The formulation F4 was selected as optimized formulation exhibiting good floating ability and zero order drug release (85.95 %) at the end of 8 hours. Aging effect on storage was evaluated using In-vitro drug release studies. The In-vitro drug release study of the aged sample showed increase in release behavior, which can be attributed to the phase transformation of Gelucire. In conclusion, hydrophobic lipid, Gelucire 43/01 can be considered as an effective carrier for designing of a multi-unit floating drug delivery system of Furosemide.

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