Volume 11 ; Issue 1 ; in Month : (2020) Article No : 110
Jodhuv RO, Bhilare NV

As the world’s population increases and health problems expand accordingly, need to discover new therapeutics will become even more tiring. Heterocyclic compounds are widely distributed in nature and are essential for life. Thiophene belongs to a class of heterocyclic compounds containing a five membered ring made up of one sulphur as heteroatom with the formula C4H4S. In medicinal chemistry, thiophene derivatives have been very well known for their therapeutic applications. Thiophenes have been reported to have many types of biological activities, where many of them used as therapeutic agents as antimicrobial, anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antiviral agents. Derivatives of thiophene have been a topic of constant investigation due to their versatile synthetic applicability and broad spectrum of biological applications; among which is antiproliferative activity. In spite of great progress in understanding cancer biology, current therapeutic procedures remain unsatisfactory. Chemotherapy is often followed by secondary effects with cellular toxicity negatively affecting the results. The discovery and development of new safe and efficient antitumor agents is necessary.

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