Volume 16 ; Issue 1 ; in Month : 2023 (2023) Article No : 129
Abhishek Kumar

Conventional drug delivery system is a traditional type of drug delivery system which manifests poor bioavailability of drug due to tear turn over, tear flow and blinking of eye which causes removal of drug at the ocular surfaces. To overcome from the drawbacks of conventional drug delivery system In- situ gels come into the fashion of ocular drug delivery system for the treatment of ocular diseases which have enhanced bioavailability and better for patient’s compliance. The goal of the present work to express formulation and evaluation of cetrimide in situ gels which have anti-fungal activity used in the treatment of fungal keratitis caused by Fusarium solani. Carbopol 934 is used as viscosity enhancing property. Xanthan gum was used as thickening and stabilizing agent. Sodium alginate was used for gelation ability. The combination of carbopol and xanthan gum showed good gelling capacity and gelation time up to 6hrs period. The developed formulation of cetrimide in situ gels was stable non -irritant which are feasible substitute for conventional drug delivery system such as eye drops by virtue of its stability to increase residence time of drug at the ocular surfaces and provide sustained release of drug with increase bioavailability and better for patient’s compliance.

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