Volume 16 ; Issue 1 ; in Month : 2023 (2023) Article No : 131
Ritika Verma* and Neha Sharma

Carminative drugs, which reduce or prevent gastrointestinal flatulence and colic and have historically been used to enhance human health, is examined in this study. The carminative qualities of spices like clove, coriander, cardamom, fennel, nutmeg, black pepper, and ajowan are highlighted in particular. Numerous health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-hypertensive, and myorelaxant qualities, are demonstrated by these spices. To enhance their effects, formulations were made utilizing a geometrical approach and different weights of these powders were combined and evaluated. To confirm the quality and safety of the carminative powder, organoleptic evaluation, physicochemical characteristics, rheological evaluation, and carminative potential were evaluated. The carminative powder, had a pH of 6.5, is free-flowing, non-sticky, and aesthetically pleasing, according to the results. Given the rising popularity of natural treatments and holistic healthcare, the future of carminative herbal medications is bright. Due to their digestive advantages, many herbs and mixtures have grown in popularity, and this pattern is predicted to continue. New carminative herbs and novel formulations may be found as a result of research and development in herbal medicine in the upcoming years. The market for carminative herbal medicines is projected to grow as consumer interest in plant-based treatments for digestive problems rises.

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